Interesting (Little) Lady 5

Mo’ne Davis – The first girl in Little League World Series history to pitch a winning game and she’s only 14.

Little League World Series - Nevada v Pennsylvania


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Moved to Tears

In an old family photo album, without names or dates, I find a postcard of The Assumption of the Virgin (1516-18) by Titian. The very same painting that moved me to tears in the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice. When I felt the artist speaking directly to me through the eternal quality of the altar piece, a whisper four centuries strong touching my heart ever so lightly. I wonder what this distant family member was thinking when they bought the card, we’re they as moved by the artist and his imagination?


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Transcending the Mundane

Babysitkopie* “The primitive idea of justice is partly legalized revenge and partly expiation by sacrifice. It works out from both sides in the notion that two blacks make a white, and that when a wrong has been done, it should be paid for by an equivalent suffering. It seems to the Philistine majority a matter of course that this compensating suffering should be inflicted on the wrongdoer for the sake of its deterrent effect on other would-be wrongdoers; but a moment’s reflection will shew that this utilitarian application corrupts the whole transaction. For example, the shedding of blood cannot be balanced by the shedding of guilty blood. Sacrificing a criminal to propitiate God for the murder of one of his righteous servants is like sacrificing a mangy sheep or an ox with the rinderpest: it calls down divine wrath instead of appeasing it. In doing it we offer God as a sacrifice the gratification of our own revenge and the protection of our own lives without cost to ourselves; and cost to ourselves is the essence of sacrifice and expiation.”

from Androcles and the Lion by George Bernard Shaw.

Moms & Malls

We used to go to the mall often when I was young, me and my friends piled in the back of our big station wagon. My mom used to drive us there on school day afternoons. White kneesocks, plaid school uniforms, all talking simultaneously in our high voices. I never paid much attention to her; window down, her elbow resting on the door, cigaret dangling from the corner of her mouth. When I try to picture her now, I can’t help thinking she was sad. Sad and dead tired. She was a beautiful woman, always well dressed: stylish hairdo, pretty earrings, nice nails. I have no idea where she found the time, but it couldn’t mask that dull look in her eyes or the soft sighs she emitted every couple of minutes. I don’t think she was aware of this, she’d be horrified if she was. I’m pretty sure my dad was clueless. He was that distant provider that showed up in the evening, hid behind his newspaper or the remote, pretending to watch the game, but secretly fantasizing about being free. Maybe they both were dreaming about the same thing, only leaving their significant other out of the picture, replacing them with a newer and better model. They were lightyears removed from that smiling couple in those happy wedding photographs standing on the dresser in their darkened bedroom, their youthful optimism undeniable. Did they still look at those pictures, or were they ignored the same way the stains on the bathroom walls were?

What happens to people after they have been unhappy together for a long time? Do they become like those abandoned shopping malls, relics of better times, when optimism was still the driving force. Obsolete, unwelcome strangers in their own life. Where did all those dreams go?

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Cat Mummies

Three interesting little facts about animal mummies:

Egyptians mummified various animals, not only in their role as food and pets, but also for religious reasons.

In ancient Egypt mourning for a pet included shaving one’s eyebrows.

At the end of the 19th century, almost 20 tons of mummified Egyptian cats were shipped to England to be used as fertilizer.

apr-6-cat-mummy-egyptian C:Scratchpad 096 1900186007_7074abcbf2 mummified-egyptian-cats

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Fear of Flying

It sits perched on a windowsill, flapping its wings, remembering flight in a previous life.Wind, that rushing sound filling the air, thrilling the heart. The flapping is stunted, nervous. Each missed moment a reminder of past emotions, passions fizzled out, a parched aching beating inside a hallow ribcage. There was beauty once. The memory is clear, yet distant, like stale knowledge from forgotten books. An attic full of empty reminders, yellowed souvenirs from trips beyond recollection, etched with hidden scars. It sits with dried tears, waiting.

*Dead bird on the floor of the Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación in Malaga.

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