Dreamy landscapes

Cuban born artist Jorge Mayet creates beautiful miniature landscapes with green pastures, little houses and tiny trees with exposed roots, sometimes very peaceful, sometimes crumbling while you watch. His wall sculptures seem like floating islands that remind me of the floating mountains in the film Avatar.

“I recreate with wires, paper, and other elements my own landscapes which at the same time form part of my culture, my roots, and the identity of my town” 

– Jorge Mayet



Song for today: Disclosure – Moving Mountains


This song is simply dynamite, so if you have 7 minutes to spare and want to feel sexy,                                                            listen to this track and let Tina’s amazing voice send shivers up your spine. Enjoy!


Ike & Tina Turner – I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Live)

Paper Folds

From the Swiss lady that gave me a pretty origami box with a little chocolate heart hiding inside to the addictive app Paperama, beautifully folded paper objects have been catching my eye lately. Here are some great examples i have found.16193375730_4a4e97ee19_b dragon    origami1      engOctopus1 f38c485cc62a4cff845203a151fd36caorigami-mainsheep3       a207_o5Craig-Folds-Five-Money-Origami-111909715745_7dae97997d_h

Song for today: Yppah – Paper Knife


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