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When I came across this picture, my mind was blown; how much awesomeness can one man posses? Larger than life he has inspired a new category on this blog.

Arctic explorer, author, journalist, anthropologist, Peter Freuchen (1886 – 1957) is the real deal and some of his adventures simply sound fantastical: When caught under several feet of snow he dug himself out by crafting a chisel from his own poo (a native technique). He married an Inuit women (the first of three wives), amputated his own frostbite toes with shears and a hammer, worked on a Arctic movie script for MGM and acted in it as well, befriended Jean Harlow and Mea West while in Hollywood, he was politically active, fiercely anti-Nazi, joined the Danish underground during WWII, survived a German death sentence and a train wreck in Russia and has written several novels.


Photograph by Irving Penn

Song for today: Led Zeppelin – Misty Mountain Hop

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