Hong Kong Yesterday

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Actor, photographer and director Ho Fan (1931 – 2016) was born in Shanghai and moved to Hong Kong with his family in 1948. Hong Kong, under British rule at the time, was a chaotic city with a large population that was growing swiftly due to refugees fleeing the Chinese civil war and the Japanese invasion. In many of his photographs taken during the 1950s the strong diagonals and shadows create a dreamlike stillness far removed from the hustle and bustle that we associated the city with.street-photography-hong-kong-memoir-fan-ho-331At the beginning you must find the ideal location. Then you must be patient to find the right subject that arouses your interest, even if it’s just a cat. You must have the precise moment to catch the spirit, the essence, the soul of the person… If you don’t have the exact moment, you have to wait for the right feeling. It’s real creative work because you have to have the feeling inside.d7hftxdivxxvm.cloudfront.netCathay-Pacific-exhibits-award-winning-photographs-at-The-Wing-the-airline’s-flagship-lounge-in-Hong-Kong_2street-photography-hong-kong-memoir-fan-ho-271tumblr_mx1kaaZuFg1qzq84io1_1280fan-ho-hong-kong-photography-4012-fan-ho-theredlistfan-ho-hong-kong-photography-13Afternoon Chat, 1959slide_369678_4251508_freeslide_369678_4251512_freeAll photos © Fan Ho / via: gcasfm.com

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye.”  Miss Piggy


  1. claymcnamaraphotography says

    These are incredible shots. Thanks for sharing them.

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