Future Memory

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For his ongoing series Souvenir-d’un-Futur, French photographer Laurent Kronental documents life in large housing projects in the residential districts of Paris. These Grands Ensembles – built between 1950 and the 1980s – with their retro modernistic feel are still the home of many senior citizens. Kronental has captured both the buildings and their occupants; aging yet standing proud.

Marked by the passing of time, these massive, gray buildings, like their elder residents, bear the signs of long lives. And yet, in these wrinkled faces and cracked walls, in the energy of the bodies and of the facades, emerges the pride and pulse that we thought had disappeared.

Laurent-Kronental-Souvenir-dun-Futur-3Laurent-Kronental-Souvenir-dun-Futur-20Laurent-Kronental-Souvenir-dun-Futur-6Laurent-Kronental-Souvenir-dun-Futur-8Laurent-Kronental-Souvenir-dun-Futur-13Laurent-Kronental-Souvenir-dun-Futur-17Laurent-Kronental-Souvenir-dun-Futur-4Laurent-Kronental-Souvenir-dun-Futur-10Laurent-Kronental-Souvenir-dun-Futur-1Laurent-Kronental-Souvenir-dun-Futur-2 For more: vimeo.com / All images © Laurent Kronental

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    • Thanks, if you have time you can watch the vimeo link with an interview with the photographer, very interesting too.

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