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Tactile & Tasty

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Jessica Dance is a London based art-director, model-maker & prop-stylist. Her specialty is creating handmade objects and sets for a wide variety of projects. For this series she used a domestic knitting machine to create a tasty tactile menu. The photographs are by David Sykes. ᔥ Song for today: Amadou & Miriam – Sénégal Fast Food

I Wanna Be Like You

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The past couple of days I’ve been seriously enjoying the swinging magic of King Louie. In search of something real to watch with my two year old I stumbled across this classic clip from the film Jungle Book and was instantly transported back to days when Disney really did create magic. My daughter now asks to see the “ou-ou-monkey-music” every morning and I simply cannot stop grinning when Baloo the Bear gets infected with the […]

The Invention of Dreams

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Just saw Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, which at first I was hesistant to go see as I loved Brian Selznick’s wonderful picture book The Invention of Hugo Cabret on which the film is based. I thought I was bound to be disappointed, even by a movie master like Mr. Scorsese. Selznick’s story, told in beautiful hand drawn illustrations – like old film stills – celebrates the era of silent movies, so to use hyper modern 3D […]