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Lost & Found

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Before you needed luck: finding that roll of undeveloped film underneath a park bench was no ordinary occurrence. Was it misplaced by accident, causing great grief because of memories now forever lost, or was it purposely disregarded in an attempt to be free from the past? Either way, as the finder of these celluloid treasures peopled with anonymous relatives miming their muted conversation, you were always excluded from the ubiquitous celebrations and endless summer holidays. You […]

So much to say in a silent movie kind of way

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Charlie Chaplin in Modern Times. For the first time I see his face in real closeup, every feature capable of expressing an endless variety of emotions. Fluidly we see compassion and confusion; fear and indignity, happiness and melancholy drift across his face like patches of sunlight over a busy city square; buzzing with people, street vendors, mopeds and crusty pigeons. His famous mustache dances daintily and his eyebrows lead a life of their own. He has […]