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Last Week

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friendship / words

The music is playing loud while she’s putting on her lipstick; tonight they’re going out, to the club. It’s what they do on friday nights. They, being the girls, are picking her up at 11, her friend Suzy just turned 16 and has a car. The lipstick is the wrong colour. She thinks of the new couple that moved in next door; he was checking her out, for sure. The woman was okay, a bit […]

How could you have done without them for so long?

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It was strange, as if she came out of nowhere. You have never met them, have never even heard of them, they’ve been on this planet for years without you having any knowledge of them. And then, they are there. As bright as the sun. An unfamiliar taste so exquisite and rare it is almost too much; like a flower in bloom suffocating you with its bittersweet fragrance. How could you have done without them for so […]