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What to do today…

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A short film about a 30-something year-old girl stuck in an endless loop of today. CREDITS: Directed by Jin Angdoo Starring Amélie Arbouin Writers – Matt Prins & Jin Angdoo Film, Edit & FX – Jin Angdoo Voice Actress – Holly Meyrick Voice Actor – Ben Tomlin Art Directors – Amélie Arbouin & Jin Angdoo Colorists – Qianwei Tong & Jin Angdoo Animators – Titouan Bordeau & Jin Angdoo Music – Four by Derby Sound […]

The Color of Movies

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beauty / film / images / LONG / women

What colors have the art directors used to create the right mood in a movie? At Cinema Palettes you can find homemade colour palettes of your favourite films. How many do you recognise? * * Inglorious Basterds (2009) The Great Gatsby (2013) The Shining (1980) Melancholia (2011) Gone Girl (2014) Malificent (2014) Lost in Translation (2003) Belly (1998) American Beauty (1999) Trick ‘r Treat (2007) Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) Lèon (1994) The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) […]

Plastic Fantastic

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Can you fall in love with an inanimate object? Can you be intimate when the relationship is a one-way street? Can a hyper-realistic doll fill the loneliness that aches inside? This is something South Korean photographer June Korea explores in his photographic essay Still Lives: Eva. June Korea: “Many people are interested in the project and my life because it has to do with such an uncanny subject matter they have rarely seen. However, Eva and I […]

The Dark Side of the Moon

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beauty / LONG / science / technology

MOON: The Most Accurate Lunar Globe is a project by Kudu design studio and Oscar Lhermitte, a French product designer based in London. It is the first topographically accurate lunar globe (an accurate 1/20 million replica with all it’s surface details) and it uses “the latest data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter combined with advanced electronic and mechanical engineering alongside careful craftsmanship in mold making.” The ring of LEDs revolving around the globe constantly illuminates the […]

Abandoned Beauties

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1. Chinese fishing village © Jane Qing 2. Norwegian house © EuropeTrotter 3. French railway tunnel © Myrabella 4. Sintra Wells, Portugal © Matthias Haker 5. Sintra Ruins, Portugal © James Mills 6. Old country house © Kleiner Hobbit 7. Old Palace, Belgium @forgottenheritage 8. Abandoned Asylum © Mark Taken-by-me 9. Castle in Kopice, Poland @ Darkstyle Pictures 10. Crystal Mill, Colorado @ Denver City Page (For more great photos: / via:

All Creatures Great and Small

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art / craft / LONG / nature

Canadian artist Jennifer Angus creates installations using thousands of often vibrantly colored bugs and insects. For her site-specific works, she arranges them in intricate patterns and kaleidoscopic mandalas on walls. Over the years, she has collected more than 30.000 different insects, mostly from Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea that she reuses for her different projects. “Part of my work is the rehabilitation of the image of insects — that insects are so vitally important. […]