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The First Stop

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He followed her into the apartment and looked around the room; it was different from what he imagined; it added to his attraction. She was looking at him, seemed amused by his presence. He tried to read her eyes, somehow they looked greener today, but maybe that was just because of the color of her sweater. He was distracted, he had come here on a whim. If the train hadn’t been an express, he would […]

iPoetry 2: Love

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Songs in my iTunes collection that start with “Love”: Love Always Love And Some Verses   Love Caboose                Love Dog    Love Eyes    Love Fool     Love Her Madly    Love Hides    Love Is A Losing Game  Love Is A Place   Love Is All    Love Is Like A Butterfly   Love Is The Drug   Love Kills    Love Led Us Here   Love Like A Sunset Love Like Yours    Love Man  Love Me Already    Love Me Like You  […]