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Dreamy landscapes

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Cuban born artist Jorge Mayet creates beautiful miniature landscapes with green pastures, little houses and tiny trees with exposed roots, sometimes very peaceful, sometimes crumbling while you watch. His wall sculptures seem like floating islands that remind me of the floating mountains in the film Avatar. “I recreate with wires, paper, and other elements my own landscapes which at the same time form part of my culture, my roots, and the identity of my town”  […]

Dancing Bears

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Did you know they celebrated the coming of the New Year in Comanesti, Romania by dressing up as bears in a dance ritual to bring good luck and ward of evil? I think these boys look like characters from a very dark fairy tale. © Tamas Dezso Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi won this year’s National Geographic Traveller UK’s annual competition with this photo. Song for today: Angelo Badalamenti/David Lynch – Dark Mood Woods/The Red Room