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I am His Keeper

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I have been keeping track of my little brother from the moment we got separated. It is strange, for nine months we were exactly the same age, but the moment our roads forked and I decided to go along with our mother, he became the newborn baby, while my age turned indefinite and timeless, stretching across centuries and continents. I never had my first birthday, yet I am as old as mankind, the pyramids and […]

Moved to Tears

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In an old family photo album, without names or dates, I find a postcard of The Assumption of the Virgin (1516-18) by Titian. The very same painting that moved me to tears in the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice. When I felt the artist speaking directly to me through the eternal quality of the altar piece, a whisper four centuries strong touching my heart ever so lightly. I wonder what this […]

Family House

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family / nature

When you close your eyes and stay very still you can hear them, softly turning the leaves with their gentle wind. In the city it is lost; out-shouted by the urban sound scape emphasizing, distracting; thoughts buzzing like flies in the back of your head. Now there is room for musings and sentiments; memories of extended families having picnics on buttercup covered lawns and variations of the same face on which one can read the […]