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Dare Alla Luce

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For her series Dare Alla Luce – Italian for ‘to bring to the light’ – Canadian artist Amy Friend has used vintage photographs and pierced them with tiny pinholes. By then illuminating the photos from the back, she has produced patterns that highlight or sometimes eclipse parts of the original image, thus creating new magical work, filled with mystery and nostalgia. On her website, she writes: I have continued to work on the Dare alla Luce […]

Penny for your Thoughts

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art / beauty / images / photography

Today at De Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam I saw how art can be interactive in ways that may not have been intentional. A girls parents were walking around the gallery space while she sat in the middle of an installation by Michael Dean. For me she made the piece come to life, added bonus was how all those copper pennies reflected the light.   Song for today: Portico (feat. Joe Newman) – 101

The Light that Stopped Shining

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At the dining table Benjamin’s legs were still too short to touch the ground, but his understanding was mature enough to realise he could never please his father; an unspoken accusation always hung in the air. No matter how many green vegetables he finished, straight A’s he brought home or how high he jumped, his father always treated him with the same cold detachment; regarding him as part of the furniture, his voice just a sound […]