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Moms & Malls

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We used to go to the mall often when I was young, me and my friends piled in the back of our big station wagon.┬áMy mom used to drive us there on school day afternoons. White kneesocks, plaid school uniforms, all talking simultaneously in our high voices. I never paid much attention to her; window down, her elbow resting on the door, cigaret dangling from the corner of her mouth. When I try to picture […]

Fear of Flying

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It sits perched on a windowsill, flapping its wings, remembering flight in a previous life.Wind, that rushing sound filling the air, thrilling the heart. The flapping is stunted, nervous. Each missed moment a reminder of past emotions, passions fizzled out, a parched aching beating inside a hallow ribcage. There was beauty once. The memory is clear, yet distant, like stale knowledge from forgotten books. An attic full of empty reminders, yellowed souvenirs from trips beyond […]

To know oneself…

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… where does one start, taking out that box of yellowed photographs, so old-fashioned and obsolete in digital times? Reliving moments that seem not only light years ago, but belonging to someone else all together; without cynicism or excess luggage. All those little histories faithfully captured yet unsuitable for any history book, so personal you feel a voyeur of your own snapshot memories. Perhaps reading diary entries from the past with their deluge of ongoing […]

Family House

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When you close your eyes and stay very still you can hear them, softly turning the leaves with their gentle wind. In the city it is lost; out-shouted by the urban sound scape emphasizing, distracting; thoughts buzzing like flies in the back of your head. Now there is room for musings and sentiments; memories of extended families having picnics on buttercup covered lawns and variations of the same face on which one can read the […]