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Piano Projections

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Andante is a project by the Tangible Media Group at MIT conceived to illustrate how music is connected to the human body and not just through the ear. They have created a visual form for digital information by programming characters that both play and move to the music. (via:

Interesting Lady 14

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*A badass Rock ‘n Roll life style usually does not end well and the life of singer songwriter Judee Sill (1944-1979) is no exception. After the death of her exotic animal selling father her life took many turns: Learning to be a cartoonist from her Tom&Jerry animating stepfather, long hours of playing in a piano bar, robbing liquor stores Bonnie & Clyde style with her much older boyfriend, going to reform school, playing as an […]

iPoetry 6: What*

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*Songs in my iTunes library with What: Whatever You Want To Haunt You What‘s Wrong What‘s New Pussycat? What‘s In It For? What‘s Golden What‘s Going On What‘s Cooking? What‘s A Girl To Do? What‘ll I Do? What You Won’t Do for Love What You Want What you waiting for? What You Know What You Doin’ What We Talk About What we hear, what they don’t hear What Tomorrow Brings What the Rain Will Bring […]

I Wanna Be Like You

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The past couple of days I’ve been seriously enjoying the swinging magic of King Louie. In search of something real to watch with my two year old I stumbled across this classic clip from the film Jungle Book and was instantly transported back to days when Disney really did create magic. My daughter now asks to see the “ou-ou-monkey-music” every morning and I simply cannot stop grinning when Baloo the Bear gets infected with the […]

iPoetry 5: All

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All Around My Hat All Around The World or The Myth Of Fingerprints All Eyes On Me All God’s Chillun Got Wings All Good Naysayers, Speak Up! Or Forever Hold Your Peace! All Hands Against His Own All I Need All I Need All I Need All I Wanna Do All I Want Is You All In Forms All In My Head All My Dreams All Night Long All Night Low All Notes Off (Panic) […]