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Voluptuous Death

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Surrealist Salvador Dalí and photographer Philippe Halsman created this photograph in 1951. Seven models were used to compose the shape of a skull based on a sketch done by Dalí. A lot of work went into creating this iconic image as these making of photos show. © Philippe Halsman / Magnum Photos Images found on una-lady-italiana     Bewaren

Abandoned Beauties

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1. Chinese fishing village © Jane Qing 2. Norwegian house © EuropeTrotter 3. French railway tunnel © Myrabella 4. Sintra Wells, Portugal © Matthias Haker 5. Sintra Ruins, Portugal © James Mills 6. Old country house © Kleiner Hobbit 7. Old Palace, Belgium @forgottenheritage 8. Abandoned Asylum © Mark Taken-by-me 9. Castle in Kopice, Poland @ Darkstyle Pictures 10. Crystal Mill, Colorado @ Denver City Page (For more great photos: / via:

The Coincidence Project

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art / beauty / compilation / images / photography

British photographer Denis Cherim has a quick eye and good timing. For his series The Coincidence Project he has managed to capture the right moment, from the right angle; his photographs astute observations. Happy accidents, perfectly aligned. All photographs © Denis Cherim / via: thisiscolossal Song for today: Thomas Dybdahl – Waiting For That One Clear Moment

Down at the Sweetheart Rink

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When Bill Yates was given a Kodak Brownie camera at the age of ten, it was the start of a lifetime of pictures. Artist’s Statement: I happened upon an old wooden structure built in the 1930’s in the Six Mile Creek area of rural southern Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL. The sign on the building read “Sweetheart Roller Skating.” The owner was just driving up. “Mind if I shoot some pics?” I asked. “Sure, but if […]

Standing Tall

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beauty / images / LONG / nature / photography

Majestic they stand, the ancient trees captured by San Fransisco photographer Beth Moon during the course of 14 years as she travelled the globe in search of the finest specimens. Her photographs – developed with the platinum/palladium process* – document these powerful yet gentle giants and how they symbolise the passing of time.  * With platinum printing, noted for its beautiful luminosity and wide tonal scale, the absence of a binder layer allows very fine crystals […]

Cool Dudes 5

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In the old days the Samurai were Japan’s military nobility and their traditions were forged in the course of a thousand years, but by the end of the 19th century, their demise was inevitable. Fortunately for us, portraits survive of the last samurai. Old photographs of those proud warriors who lived by strict rules or bushidō: the way of the warrior. Loyalty, martial art skills, honor and heroic bravery were essential characteristics of these fearsome […]

Tangible Time

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beauty / city / compilation / photography / vintage

Parisian photographer Julien Knez found a set of old photos of Paris taken between 1871 and 1968 and decided to go back to the exact location and retake the photograph from the  same angle. It is a great way to see how the city is a living, thriving organism; how times have changed. The series is collected in his book Paris, Fenêtres sur l’Histoire. (via: / Song for today: April March – Deux […]