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Moved to Tears

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This is a diffrent kind of post, but lately I have been feeling very sensitive to all the injustice in the world in a way that cannot be cured by simply writing a check to some charity or relief fund. I sit uncomfortably in my own privileged skin as I read about Syrians, child brides, refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean in leaky tubs. In this frame of mind I came across a Ted Talk […]

Moved to Tears

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In an old family photo album, without names or dates, I find a postcard of The Assumption of the Virgin (1516-18) by Titian. The very same painting that moved me to tears in the Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari in Venice. When I felt the artist speaking directly to me through the eternal quality of the altar piece, a whisper four centuries strong touching my heart ever so lightly. I wonder what this […]

Fear of Flying

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It sits perched on a windowsill, flapping its wings, remembering flight in a previous life; winds, that rushing sound filling the air, thrilling the heart. The flapping is stunted, nervous, frantic. Each missed moment a reminder of past emotions, passions fizzled out, dried up; parched aching beating inside a hallow ribcage. There was beauty once, everything else unworthy. The memory is clear, yet distant, like stale knowledge from forgotten books; an attic full of empty […]

Dry Tears

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Dreaming of waking while still asleep, sleepwalking through life while actually awake; never in the right dimension, always slightly off, a second too late, dancing out of sync. A badly dubbed eastern European movie; characters mouthing each other visible snippets of inaudible conversations. Stuck in a bubble; muffled, shielding and distorting, vision blurred by the curves of reality dissecting; a world as fragile as a spiderweb, balancing precariously, potentially earth shattering. The proverbial earthquake caused […]