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There is no heartbeat

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It is so silent my ears are ringing. Waking up in the the dead of night, blind and disoriented. Again the overwhelming silence, as if something is missing. Through the open doors the distant sound of a bird and its monotonous call; pecking away, exposing. Song for today: dEUS – Nothing Really Ends

Penny for your Thoughts

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Today at De Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam I saw how art can be interactive in ways that may not have been intentional. A girls parents were walking around the gallery space while she sat in the middle of an installation by Michael Dean. For me she made the piece come to life, added bonus was how all those copper pennies reflected the light.   Song for today: Portico (feat. Joe Newman) – 101

Too Distant to Feel the Real Sting

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It is easy for the mind to wander, letting go like the seed of a dandelion. Its movements slow and random; happy; light on its feet like a ballerina. Our thoughts like clouds full of holes and punctured by the condensed needles of airplanes. Lives happening at 10,000 feet, with smiling flight attendants and real napkins. Up, up and away. Unable to see from that distance, but vaguely aware that below is a universe of […]