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En route

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She watched the landscape rushing by, abstracted by the blurring effect of the speed of the train. Green fields and windy trees, street lights with rows of black birds joined like beads all disappearing into the distant horizon, flat as a ruler. At the next stop she watched people on the platform waiting to board. Some polite, most regarding other people merely as bodies that need to be avoided. Human contact undesirable as it shakes […]


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life / thoughts / words

He didn’t know how long they been talking. Last time he checked there still had been people from work, but now it was just them. She was recounting a childhood memory of being dragged around by her parents sightseeing in France and how the Chateau d’Usse had been used as a model for the Disney logo. Her story started off quite flat, but when she started remembering, her eyes became shiny; grew a fraction larger. […]


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beauty / images / life

Flying in formation against the checkered sky, the lines expand and contract while my train is moving west. On their airborne path like a flock of geese, the planes seem to salute some unseen giant. I feel the gravitational pull as they fly over me, sucking me in with the hypnotizing drone of their engines. I can only close my eyes and imagine a bird’s eye view, a world without speech, only colors and patterns. […]